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So I'm between these two pathsOne is to be a sell side trader for a BB (GS/MS/JPM/etc) in fixed income. Associate 3/ to be VP soon level. NYC based. Pro: I'd have my own book, make my own calls. Cons: still a bank, not buy sideThe other is to be an executional trader for a global macro hedge fund trading different asset classes. Pro: foot in the door to enter into the hedge fund space. Cons: very little discritionary power over pnl. London based.HF offers higher pay, but no clear path forward.Any thoughts? Is it worth jumping to HF now?My current reasoning is that is worth to spend some time in the SS sit, get some experience with a book, then in a few years move to the hf space in a PM Jr position. My fear is to get stuck as an executional trader in a HF too soon - the move from trader to pm in this space is not that common. At the same time, being on HF is great for resume perspective and I might learn new stuff with the PMs.Background: MBA m7 + CFA, 6 years as executional trader for a big buy side global macro fund (outside the us/uk space)

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Aug 4, 2022 - 3:22pm
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