What's Trading for PIMCO/Black rock kind of role?

I understand most of it is execution only. Dealing with PM's orders and executing other's people ideas in the market. Even trading in a executional role on a hedge fund should be similar. Not a lot of upside here, right?

Compared to trading for a BB in which you can actually take risk and make money. I imagine the upside in a bank is way bigger. I don't imagine traders for PIMCO making +1mio in a good year because they don't take a lot of risk, naturally. Also, i imagine it's really tough to become a PM from a buy side trading seat.

S&T you can stay and make money as you take more and more risk or you can leave to a PM role after some years with good performance. So, if I want to work in trading, the best path is to stick in the sell side until I'm senior enough to make a lot of money or be able to move to PM role elsewhere.

Right? Does that make sense? Am I missing anything? Is it really an inferior career path if you can choose between the two?

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