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I need some advice - fast. I'm moving into a portfolio role in China - I have been here for some time.

I consider myself fairly clued-up on general fashion but I'm sure that what I own NOW is NOT going to cut-it. Obviously the Chinese fashion IS different but I want to look like I walked out of Wall St and impress the natives.

Fuck, and I start in December. Just some added info: I was born after 1990; am 5' 11''; slim; brown hair.

What I'm most interested in, if anyone can help - is what's trending on WS right now? I remember gillets were in vogue a while back when Meryll kept the air-con down low. What's in now re: hair, eyeglasses, shirt/tie combos and general clothing advice.

My current ENTIRE work setup:

Please critique and butcher me and also offer some advice if possible.

Two custom-tailored suits (one navy pinstripe and one slate grey) and one Valentino blazer (navy)

NO decent alternative trousers i.e. chinos etc. apart some Zara modern suit-like trousers, also navy.

One RL cream shirt, two MUJI white shirts, one Uniqlo sky blue non-iron, one G2000 pink pinstripe, one Zara blue and white pinstripe (bankers collar) - some other shitty shirts.

Antique Bafta Awards cufflinks

One Hugo Boss mustard yellow tie; one Hermes red white and grey patterned tie, one inherited Garrick Club pink and blue bow-tie.

Zara black velvet tasseled loafers, black A Tesstoni (faux steel toe cap?) wingtips.

What do I do for socks?

One Bvlgari automatic diving watch, one digital watch w/ heart monitor.

Black Victorinox laptop bag. (considering buying a Mulberry briefcase-esque bag).

Oliver People's tortoise shell specs

Black Louis Vuitton wallet; MUJI transparent portable Rolodex; MUJI transparent business card holder.

Macbook Pro; Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Bluetooth portable keyboard

What's wrong and what's right?

I'd love to hear your opinions and comments and if anyone can suggest some necessities I haven't outlined. Money is not an object at the moment.

I want to look minimal and pragmatic while at the same time intimidatingly Paul Allen.

Is this even possible?



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Nov 20, 2014

3/10, would not read again

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Nov 20, 2014

Feedback is always great! Thanks for taking the time out

Nov 20, 2014

Feedback is always great! Thanks for taking the time out

Nov 20, 2014

on a serious note if you're already in finance you likely have Chinese colleagues, why not just ask them?

Nov 20, 2014

Never worked in a firm with many other foreigners before and the team is arriving at the same time. So they will almost all be from US - so want to look as sharp as poss

Aug 16, 2018

as poss, start there don't say that

Nov 20, 2014

What can you tell me about Paul Allen?

Nov 20, 2014

He can get a res at Dorsia

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Nov 20, 2014

You're in China now? I didn't read anything besides the first line, but go to the garment district where you are and get a bunch of suits and shirts made.

Nov 20, 2014

I hear that navy colored suits with white shirts and either red or blue ties are the next big trend on Wall Street. Get in front of that trend.

Nov 22, 2014

Too bad you got no value add comments. I am myself currently shopping for formals for my first job and do realize it takes a certain amount of effort to look prepared. I would invest in a third suit from zara or massimo if i were you. Also, the long collar or spread collar shirts are coming in, I am not fully sure if they are right for the workplace. You should look into getting a third suit thats a three piece as vests are coming trendy now.

Mar 6, 2019

What was the up coming fashion trend..

Mar 7, 2019