I am currently a Junior at a target school. I have two offers that I am trying to decide between. One is a very small 13 person energy hedge fund. It's located outside Philadelphia and they have a little over $2 billion under management. My other offer is a boutique IB in NYC. I would be working at the commodity trading desk.

I am leaning towards the HF. Both jobs would have full-time employment opportunities after the summer. I want to end up at a hedge fund, so I figure why not start there. I am just worried about a few things. Do you think working at a small named hedge fund would hurt me later on when applying to other jobs, opposed to a more well-known IB in NYC? Also, compensation is typically lower for an Analyst at a HF vs. an Analyst at a IB. Can anyone roughly estimate how much lower, and generally the differences of these two paths?

This is my first post on WSO, so sorry if I messed up on etiquette or anything. Thanks in advance for any helpful advice.

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