2 Years Audit Experience, want to return to Grad School for Finance and apply for financial services firm. What are my options?

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I have a year and half experience in IT Audit with a Big 4, along with almost a year in industry. However I'm really getting tired of audit as its not what I intended to do out of college. I planned on a concentration in Finance but due to personal factors wasn't able to do that during my undergrad, which is why I'm thinking about pursuing an M.S. in Finance. I guess I'm looking for a bit more variety.

I did the Busy seasons, so don't want to work crazy hours all the time. I'm not specifically looking at IB or trading, as I know that lifestyle isn't for me. I'm looking more towards Asset Management or something along those lines. I guess I have a few questions. I'd greatly appreciate any advice:

  • What are my options / prospects working for a financial services firm with my experience and Masters in Finance?
  • Is an M.S in Finance worth the time and effort? Is an MBA a better choice of a pursuit?
  • Should I apply for a new position during this time and see if they pay for a portion of it?