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Oct 5, 2010

After you check that out, find some learning videos for CFA Exam Prep Level 1
Check out my link and it'll be a valuable resource

From my experience, Schweser and Stalla were ok. Just kept falling asleep. I say go for video learning.

Nov 6, 2010

Hi friends,

I won a CFA Levl 2 scholarship 2011 June exams. Could anyone please post some CFA Level 2 SCHWESER notes for 2011.

Feb 15, 2011 a chinese site i found many free resources from, you can download Schweser study notes and other material after you make comment to the topic. but you will need to signup first in order to reply, and of course read chinese

Feb 17, 2011

You can find all Schweser materials everywhere.

Feb 15, 2011

Im gonna report these bums

Feb 15, 2011

John Coltrane called them Freddie Freeloaders

Mar 28, 2011


Mar 29, 2011

This reminds me that I should get around to studying for Level II now that it's almost April

Jun 9, 2011