2015 S&T Grad/Internship Non target school resume.

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Hello fellow monkeys!

I am a student from Asia Pacific and will be graduating in May next year. I've done 2 past sales internship 1 of which was at a boutique and am currently in the process of applications to both Sales & Trading roles (both graduates as well as internships for 2015.

Personal Comments include it being slightly too wordy, I'm currently unsure what can be left out.
My gpa is also slightly on the low side but I purposefully went to take the IBF examinations which are required in the dealing of securities here in my country to make up for it
Lastly, I have no trading experience though I have applied to a couple of trading positions. I'm not sure if i will be penalised for this though compared to someone who has say 1 trading experience in the global markets only.

I have attached my resume for your comments. Thanks guys.


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Oct 28, 2014