Hey guys,

I'm a 1st year analyst at a regional BB recruiting for HF opportunities this year. A few questions - thoughts / opinions much appreciated.

  1. Haven't closed a deal yet, it's been a lot of WIP / pitching. Wondering how funds view this and if its a huge issue.
  2. Wondering what NYC funds think about analysts from other areas, and if headhunters will give me the same opportunities to interview at these funds as NYC analysts. Considering about reaching out to funds directly if the playing field is not going to be equal.
  3. As far as pitches go, one of my ideas has been already been covered somewhat by a few funds. I have very strong conviction behind my thesis, but was wondering if I should stay away from it if it could be perceived as copying.
  4. How does HF recruiting compare to PE recruiting in terms of difficulty of being placed at a decent fund? Especially in this difficult hiring environment.

Thanks in advance.

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Probably best to find a headhunter as many opportunities are not well-advertised. Also you need to narrow down what you mean by HF. I would guess you don't mean global macro trading, anything systematic, EM focused, or distressed debt. Maybe merger arb or long/short equity if you're coming from IB?


Yeah I've met with all the major headhunters and am targeting L/S equities.

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