Hello! I joined WSO a couple months ago but have never posted...until today.

About me: I am a recent grad(2017) form a top Ivy League school with a concentration in Econ and minor in Stats. I have previous intern experiences at a reputable IB and HF all together about 6-7 years interning between both. My position at the HF: Analyst/Quant Trader Intern. IB: Analyst Intern. I have always been in love with trading with a personal account I have had for 4 years now with average to high returns.

I have interviews for: FYNS, Triullum, Chimera, and SMB Capital. Position: assistant trader

Question: Which of the 4 prop firms listed is the best and why? What is the interview process like? Which firm starts you off with the most capital? I do have some experience trading witj a track record to prove it. Where can I learn the most about trading ?

Thanks for all the answers in advances.

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Oct 28, 2017

Hi StephenFX, no, I never sleep and so I can respond to any lonely threads (like this one) at all hours of the night. Impressive, I know ;-)

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Or maybe the following pros can chime in... @trifecta @Jack-Power @Jack-Power

I hope those threads give you a bit more insight.

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Oct 31, 2017