2018 SA Offer Help: Eastdil, BB S&T, Greenhill

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I'm a Junior at a south-eastern semi-target who is wrapping up recruiting and has to decide soon on an offer for my 2018 summer analyst program. A little background on myself, I interned last summer at a major Chinese real estate investment platform within a larger conglomerate (think HNA, Anbang, Fosun, Ping an), and recruited over the past months across mainly investment banking and real estate. I enjoy real estate , but as of now my long term goals aren't clear. I see myself most likely in a buy-side role (whether it be normal PE, REPE, hedge fund, etc), and don't particularly care as of now whether I work in real estate or with companies. Over my recruiting process I did not successfully secure a top tier M&A role, with my best investment banking option being with Greenhill's real asset capital advisory group (not sure if anyone here has heard anything about them). However I was able to win an offer with Eastdil Secured out of a major regional office (Think LA, Chicago, Atlanta), and an offer within S&T at a mid tier bulge bracket bank (think Citi, Barclays, BAML), and will also be interviewing with HFF NYC soon.

I think my situation is pretty unique in that my offers are very different from one another and choosing any one could potentially open and close a lot of doors. I'm mainly wondering about:

1): The ability to transition from a generalist investment sales role with Eastdil to a top buy-side firm (Blackstone, Brookfield, etc), and also about the ability to potentially transition to normal IB (M&A, etc).

2): The reputation of Greenhill's RACA group and potential exit opportunities.

3): How the reputation of HFF's NYC office would be compared to a regional office of Eastdil Secured for buy-side recruiting/exit opps.

4): Compensation within the top RE buy-side firms in comparison to regular private equity and hedge funds.

Thank you for your help!

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Nov 8, 2017
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