2018 SA Offer Help: Eastdil, BB S&T, Greenhill

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I'm a Junior at a south-eastern semi-target who is wrapping up recruiting and has to decide soon on an offer for my 2018 summer analyst program. A little background on myself, I interned last summer at a major Chinese real estate investment platform within a larger conglomerate (think HNA, Anbang, Fosun, Ping an), and recruited over the past months across mainly investment banking and real estate. I enjoy real estate , but as of now my long term goals aren't clear. I see myself most likely in a buy-side role (whether it be normal PE, REPE, hedge fund, etc), and don't particularly care as of now whether I work in real estate or with companies. Over my recruiting process I did not successfully secure a top tier M&A role, with my best investment banking option being with Greenhill's real asset capital advisory group (not sure if anyone here has heard anything about them). However I was able to win an offer with Eastdil Secured out of a major regional office (Think LA, Chicago, Atlanta), and an offer within S&T at a mid tier bulge bracket bank (think Citi, Barclays, BAML), and will also be interviewing with HFF NYC soon.

I think my situation is pretty unique in that my offers are very different from one another and choosing any one could potentially open and close a lot of doors. I'm mainly wondering about:

1): The ability to transition from a generalist investment sales role with Eastdil to a top buy-side firm (Blackstone, Brookfield, etc), and also about the ability to potentially transition to normal IB (M&A, etc).

2): The reputation of Greenhill's RACA group and potential exit opportunities.

3): How the reputation of HFF's NYC office would be compared to a regional office of Eastdil Secured for buy-side recruiting/exit opps.

4): Compensation within the top RE buy-side firms in comparison to regular private equity and hedge funds.

Thank you for your help!

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Nov 8, 2017

HFF NYC could be interesting, they just started their M&A platform for real estate there. I'm going to assume ATL for Eastdil, which would be great experience if youre interested in real estate. I think guys who do a few years at ES have lots of exit opps. I know people who went from Eastdil to Related's development team in NYC. Not sure what the deal flow is like in ATL but Eastdil NYC is always working on big deals

I think youd have a better shot at moving from Eastdil to REPE than eastdil to M&A IB although others might have better insight here. Eastdil does have REIB groups in NYC if you are interested in that.

I never really read much about HFF nyc, the NJ office does a ton of deals in the state but I feel like most of the high profile deals in NYC go to Eastdil or Stacom/Shanahan at CBRE. I could be wrong here as well just something I've noticed.

I have no info on Greenhill RACA but it sounds like a great gig.

Congrats on all the offers, not a bad problem to have!


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Nov 8, 2017

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