2020 Commercial Banking - Corporate Client Banking & Specialized Industries Summer Analyst Program

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Anybody got any insight on this Commercial Banking intern summer analyst position with JP Morgan? I filled the application out about a month ago, did the games and I just got my invite for the video interview via HireVu (or whatever its called.) I know that you go to NYC for about a week for orientation and training before going off to either Chicago, NYC, Dallas, and their other offices. Anything after that, I'm pretty clueless. If there are any program alums that could speak on the hiring/offering process and then what the internship actually looks like that would be great. Also, any current potential hires feel free to chime in with any knowledge you have and with what level of the process you are at.

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Aug 5, 2019

I'm in the same boat you are, but haven't submitted the online interview yet. Just happy that this may mean they liked our application so far :D

Aug 5, 2019