2021 "5 Popular Colors in Spring and Summer"! It's white and advanced

The spring and summer of 2021 fashion is coming to an end, and the annual change of seasons has become the hot search word "seasonal blindness" on the Internet, that is, as now, the weather is picking up, and I open the wardrobe full of clothes every day, and still feel that there is no clothes to wear. , What kind of "anxiety" is this~~~!
As a qualified fashionista in the fashion circle, every season, before buying new clothes, you must first know the latest popular colors and styles in advance to ensure that your appearance and clothing are always online.

Purple Iris

Purple Iris

Iris purple, a faint pink purple color, is low-key and calm, clean and simple. The overall feeling is the lightness, freshness and comfort of iris petals. It is more suitable to create an elegant and simple temperament, but also highlight a distinctive fashion attitude, and have a unique fashion style.
This kind of light purple is especially suitable for high street fashion items. It has a strong sense of theme as a series. In the spring and summer clothing, it can especially highlight the unique style of light purple, bringing an overall novel visual sense to the theme series. On the T stage in the spring and summer of 2021, the iris purple presents a color with low saturation and brightness, and has an elegant and feminine feeling, which can always bring a new hope and a breath of anticipation to women in the new era.

Seaside glass blue


Like wisps of sunlight falling on the water surface, as the spring and summer breeze blows gently, ripples of water ripple on the water surface, and the sparkling luster on the water surface, under the sun, it is extra delicate and light. , The soft texture makes people feel gentle, refreshing and comfortable like a vacation at the seaside, this is the beauty created by the seaside glass blue.

High-grade grey


A color that is brighter than dark gray, lighter than white, and between white and pure gray. The color tolerance and matching are more advanced.
High-grade gray, calm and atmospheric, low-key and steady, practical and enduring, just like the calm and sedimentary colors left behind after the hustle and bustle of the world, it is both unassuming but high-level and brilliant, with a fashionable and avant-garde attitude and artistic value. There is no need for a complicated "little supporting role", it is the protagonist!

Creamy white


Among the popular colors in 2021, cream white is the most classic and versatile color.


In the 2021 quarter, cream white (beige white) is different from the previous beige white. It adopts the classic natural neutral tones, blends the cream color tones, and combines natural and environmentally friendly fabric materials to combine pure natural materials. The theme of the whole color system is run through the life style of returning to nature, and it conveys a sense of peace and classic elegance to people. It may be said that this is the mission of cream white in this season.


Finally, we come to the most classic main color:

Phantom black


Black, as a season, plays a sweet or salty role in the series, but the protagonist can be a supporting role, and even control the audience, full of charm.

Whether as a style design or color matching, black is very practical and universal in design in all walks of life. With a classic and versatile, calm and independent temperament, various items in the fashion circle, such as trousers, skirts or tops, are designed with phantom black as the main color matching, making the entire collection richer The unique style of the content, its appearance, can shock the audience and balance the charm of the aura. Relatively speaking, basically black is the color tone, and each series always has its shadow.


In the latest fashion week of 2021, you can see the trend of popular colors, and the overall direction is biased towards returning to natural color tones. Perhaps this is also a preview of the trend of the times, as reflected by color.

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