2022 Sophomore Internship Advice (Intl Student)

hey everyone

i'm an intl student studying at a target school on the West Coast. took Freshman Fall remotely and took a gap sem for Freshman Spring. currently interning at a Southeast Asia focused Venture Capital firm (400m+ AUM)

i'm finishing my current internship and would greatly appreciate any advice on IB Sophomore Summer 2022 recruiting

apart from the few BBs that have Sophomore Summer programs are there any other boutiques/MM in particular that i should try for? also, what is the timeline like, am i already late?

thanks in advance, cheers!

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Jun 11, 2021 - 10:01am

Good thing you are looking at these programs now - applying and networking early is critical. Looks like you are already familiar with the BB sophomore programs, so I would also recommend applying to other select events with buy-side firms if that is an interesting area for you (Ex. Point 72 has a summit for sophomores I believe). If you are also interested in PE/Credit, there are quite a few programs for sophomores, I would talk to alumni but just of the top of my head I know Oaktree (one of the biggest distressed funds and also based in the west coast) has programs for sophomores.

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Jun 17, 2021 - 8:55pm

There are a few programs actually, on the investing team and also on portfolio analytics. Looks like may not be out yet, so reach out HR/Recruiting, do some networking with alums or anyone on LinkedIn who did the program.

Note: I believe this internship is actually only for sophomores, not for juniors because it doesn't convert to a full-time program. Apollo used to do a similar thing if I'm correct. Oaktree is probably one of the most prestigious names in finance, and having that on your resume would work very well for undergrad Banking and PE recruiting. 

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Jun 11, 2021 - 10:49am

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