2+2 MBA Profile Review: 3.8 GPA, 730+ GMAT, Humanities Grad Student


  • Undergrad School: Liberal arts college (top 20 - think Bates, Kenyon, Wesleyan)
  • Undergrad Major: Philosophy
  • GPA: 3.8+
  • Grad School: One of the top 10 universities in Canada (1st year in a 2-year master's program)
  • Grad GPA: 4.0
  • Race/Ethnicity: Asian (Indian - international student)


  • Haven't taken it yet but practice scores have been in the 740 range (+/- 10-20 points). Let's assume for the sake of argument that my score is at least 730.

Work Experience

  • Haven't had a formal internship yet but held summer research positions all four years of undergrad. Won over $15k+ in research grants. Also presented at some of the most prestigious academic conferences in my field and will (hopefully) have a publication by the time of application
  • Worked 20 hours part-time all four years in undergrad and grad school in various positions to cover my living expenses (received a full scholarship (awarded to ~7 students in an incoming class of like 800) for both undergrad and grad school)
  • Was dead set in undergrad on pursuing an academic career but grad school made me realize that academia really isn't for me. Hence the lack of relevant internships. That said, I'm planning on getting either a non-profit or a think tank internship next summer before I apply to bschools.

Leadership Extracurricular Activities

  •  Nothing groundbreaking but held leadership positions in 4 clubs on campus (managed to achieve a campuswide reform in one of them) and started another organization in grad school.
  • I also run a peer mentorship and support group for individuals suffering from a specific type of audio-visual disability (have suffered from this disability all my life) and received some decent coverage on it - also spoke at a TEDx event about this.  
  • The usual honor societies and academic performance awards
  • Fluent in 6 languages


Reasons for 2+2 and Post-MBA goals

  • I don't have the most traditional résumé for a business school aspirant and I like the fact that 2+2 is specifically geared towards people like me. Also, getting into a business school now would allow me the freedom to take risks and explore new fields and industries for the next couple of years
  • Ideally, my post-MBA goal would be to work in a non-profit. I'm really interested in sustainability and would like to work in roles where I can combine my ethics and philosophy background with my business education. As a backup, though, I wouldn't mind consulting.

Programs I'm considering: Harvard 2+2, Stanford, Columbia Deferred MBA, Chicago Booth Scholars Program, Yale Silver Scholars, Darden

What do you all think? Am I being too ambitious? I know I don't have any relevant internship experiences to speak of but that's because I decide to go down this path fairly late in my academic journey. If you have any advice for improving my odds, I'd really appreciate it.

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