2/20/17 - Monday @Mentions

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Happy Monday WSO!

Upcoming WSO Meet Ups:

WSO NYC Happy Hour: Thur 2/23, 7:00pm @5th and Mad

Upcoming webinars:

Webinar: RE Webinar - Multifamily Sector -- 7pm ET, 2/16/17
Webinar: Real Estate Private Equity - Industry Overview -- 1:30pm ET, 2/27/17

Posts of the Week:

New Shit List: Apartment Building by @Fear The Bulge. 30 SB's.
A little advice from a F50 executive by @NuckFuts. 14 SB's.

Discussion Topics of the Week:

Islam, the White House, and the "Counter-Jihadist" movement by @BobTheBaker. 109 comments.
Accepted an offer in IB but debating on going to another bank's Superday for Commercial Banking by @Brock-Ketchum. 57 comments.
Best Up-and-coming/MM PE funds by @The Donnnnn. 57 comments.
Your worst work experiences by @jtl1002. 51 comments.

AMA's of the Week:

AMA: I grew up in Consulting and reinvented my brand 3 times by @Christie Lindor. 34 comments.
AMA: Current junior quantitative researcher by @DeepLearning. 25 comments.

Comment of the Week:
This comment by @BillBelichick37 in the post "What's the most $ you could lose for your firm w/ one click?".

Her GPA and non-target school was necessary in this comment for what reason?

Success Story of the Week:

UK Non-Target to FT Analyst at Top Tier M&A Firm by @ZeTerminator. 3 SB's.

Most Active Monkeys in the past 30 days:

1. @TNA 1330, 2. @thebrofessor 939, and 3. @thebrofessor with 933.

See where you rank here.

New WSO Certified Users:

I wanted to take the space here to thank and congratulate the new Certified Users from the past week. Welcome to the club. Some of these are new members, but all have confirmed that they work in the indicated industry at the level selected on their profile. All Certified Users have a yellow star next to their usernames when posting in the forums, so you all know which sources you can trust the most. As WSO Certified Users, they get 3 months free to the WSO Job Board ($45 Value). Without further ado:

Investment Banking
@mitchr2 - ECM - Director
@interpaperhammer - Mergers and Acquisitions - 3rd+ Year Associate
@bullofrage - Generalist - 2nd Year Associate
@Almost Investment Grade - Industry/Coverage - 1st Year Associate

Private Equity
@DumbDebtGuy - Other - Assistant Vice President
@jb0938 - Growth Equity - 1st Year Associate
@jb0938 - LBOs - 3rd+ Year Analyst
@MnE - LBOs - 2nd Year Analyst
@cinnapox - Other - 2nd Year Analyst

@Maximos - Senior Consultant
@Ray Velcoro - Consultant

Asset Management
@GatorWagerX - Other - 1st Year Associate
@shootersix66 - Other - 2nd Year Associate
@Trainer - Other - 1st Year Analyst

Equity Research
@GuybrushThreepwood - 3rd+ Year Analyst

Real Estate
@BubbaBanker - Commercial - Associate Consultant
@theofficeguy - Commercial - 1st Year Analyst

@GoldJacketGreenJacket - Fixed Income - Other

@dornelbr - Other - Auditor

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