230-250k; 50 hrs a week; promotion track; MBA? Switch to direct PE?

hi folks,

need your thoughts on the situation im facing.

background: did 3 years of banking, currently at a large pe fof (it's been almost a year)

work in the current gig is ok - some interesting direct deal exposures via co investment (although limited dd as mostly rely on the general partner's memo). pay/hour is great - getting 230-250k all in this year; work about 50 hrs a week.

Dilemma - after a year of the current work, want to switch back to direct investing.

Either i try to find another gig (believe i can still do it now), or i go back to b school. Another option is to stay put (as im already on the promotion track). just that don't want to be stuck in fof forever.

tough part is to give up the great work/life balance and great pay at the current firm. and also convince myself to spend all that money on b school and to face the possibility that post MBA my job won't be as good.