2nd Interview Questions for an Entry Level Market Neutral Trading Position

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I recently graduated with a finance degree from a non target and have a second Interview coming up for a entry level trader position with a small market neutral hedge fund. The first interview was much less complex than I had anticipated. No brain teasers, mathematical, or valuation questions. Almost verything asked was behavioral. The only finance related questions were like "do you have an investment style you prefer". Should I expect much more technical questions in the second interview? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, particularly on what concepts to focus on. I don't know if I should spend most of my time reviewing general math and statistical concepts or if I should spend more time reviewing common finance concepts like DCF analysis.



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Dec 31,2009

You need to make them understand that you are acutely aware of 1) price 2) fills and 3) market conditions. All three of these things will affect their performance. I can't even begin to tell you how many traders that work at hf's don't have a clue since it's not their capital. You guys can throw sh*t at me...I understand that their are a lot of stars as well...but Adam is looking for how to stand above the rest.

If you have any access to watching some real time quotes (level 2), start paying attention to market conditions. Start getting copies of economic reports that are due out so that you can focus on what happens to the market during those time periods. Assure them that you know that they are looking for more than a trained monkey (be more eloquent) and you are their to help them with their performance.

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Dec 31,2009

What a chicken sht...if you r gonna fling poo...give a reason....a rebuttal...unless you are one of those useless piece of sht monkeys that I was referring to that can only drive a stock up since that was what you were told to do - yeah you...the barista.

Dec 31,2009

no offense but they're probably hiring you to be an "untrained monkey." basically cheap labor with a high baseline intelligence. when i started my previous job as an execution trader my boss would get nervous when I was too eager to "help with their performance" because that was NOT my job. (which, coincidentally is why it was initially a crappy job.) i'd guess possibly some brain-teasers, fit questions, nothing too technical. nice to show you have some comprehension of statistics

(ps. not the poo thrower)

Aug 31,2010