2nd Master (CEMS) or Internship(s)?

Hi everyone!
I need an advice and I would love to hear from you. I have been reading the forum intensively and I finally decided to sign up!

Now, moving to the real deal:
I'm an Italian and Swiss citizen, Master in Finance graduate (Bocconi BSc in Finance Undergrad, ESADE MSc in Finance Grad), currently spending the summer doing an internship in a Stock Exchange.
I'm currently enrolled (and already paid) in a 2nd 1-year MSc, but this time in Business Management (CEMS+Aalto University), where I'm supposed to start in September.

Previously, I have done 2 summer internship, one in IB in a boutique in Zurich (IB Business Mgmt), and one -unrelated to finance- in the shipping industry in New York.
Currently, I'm working in Italy for the Italian Stock Exchange for a 6-month internship (but I'm allowed to leave earlier if I want).

The "problem" is that I received an offer for a 6-month internship (with future career opportunities) at the IB boutique where I worked for the summer during my undergraduate years.
This however would mean to drop out my master in Management (7th best in the world), lose the money I paid (a lot), and go against my parents. On the other hand, I'm afraid that, if I enroll for master and reject the opportunity, I could lose the chance and end up:
- ruining my relationship with my actual employer (since I'm supposed to stay 6 months but I would only stay 3)
- losing future opportunities at the IB boutique in question

The only "compromise" I found is to take the 2nd master and, while studying, do the CFA and learn "my" IB boutique main language (Deutsch, since it is in Zurich).

What would you do?
Keep studying for another year and a 2nd master, or start working?
Do you think they would understand if I explain them both (actual employer and boutique) the situation?

Thank You so much!

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Aug 25, 2018

Any thoughts on this?

Aug 25, 2018

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Aug 25, 2018