2nd Round coming up - HELP!

So I have managed to attain 2nd rounds with a decent sized shop about 70bn aum (avp level role I believe). During this 5-7 hour 2nd round at least an hour will contain a case. It will be focused on asset allocation since the role will deal with portfolio allocation.

My background is in consulting and had my own fund (no mba). The last time I built a formal model was like 8 years ago in school. It was hinted to brush up on modeling and statistics. So I don't have to focus on an LBO or anything, they are aware I haven't done any of those professionally.

Haven't even started to think about how technical all the other interviews will be but if I bomb the case I'm dead in the water. Neeeed to make it happen.

What can I use as resources, crash course, something?? HELP! I really would love this job.

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