3 BB NYC Offers - Help me pick ?

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Three offers are outstanding at the moment.

Citigroup IBD NYC - group determined next year (I heard there's only like 1-2 M&A spot next year so I know for sure I wont get it). Very likely getting a coverage group like healthcare or something.

Barclays Capital IBD NYC - group determined next year

BAML IBD NYC - I recently recieved a group specific offer (please do not ask which group as it would disclose who I am...not many got called). The group is an avg coverage group (just imagine it being in the middle among all the BAML coverage groups in terms of exits/reputation)

I have almost no networks with all 3 banks and I want to maximize my chances of getting to good PE. My main concern with BAML and Citi is that they have a seperate M&A group which takes away a lot of the good experience. What do you guys think?