3 Years Management Consulting to Passive Income and VC - AMA

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Hi Community,

after a short stop at Rocket Internet I have been working for a management consultancy for 3 years.

During that time I founded a Venture Capital Funding Accelarator and built passive income which is why a couple of days ago I quit my job as a consultant.

As a next step, I'm going to be building another venture in the VC space - this time in Asia.

I was never a staunch consultant - for me this was always means to an end in fulfilling my personal 10 year vision for life. Thus, I am answering your questions from a more distanced and (hopefully) objective base than normally.

Feel free to hit me up with questions.


PS: I documented my time as a management consultant in my Management Consulting VLOGS on YouTube: Simply search YT for "Management Consulting VLOG" or hit me up on IG @TheKevinJon

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Dec 23, 2018