30-Seconds Elevator Test

"Would you buy you?"

As a sales tool, your resume is your first contact with your perspective employee. It helps you to be pushed to the "YES" pile for interviews, or "NO" rejected pile. Your resume is a document that shows your education and past job achievements. Stop and think for a minute, put yourself in your employer's place, "Would you buy you?" after reading your own account of yourself. "Do you see any future value of yourself that can be added to the organization?" If you are not sure in your writing skills you can write to federal resume writers.

30-seconds Elevator Test

Imagine that you have the opportunity to meet a business associate in an evaluator, and being asked about "What is it that you do?" You have 30 seconds to describe yourself in terms of profession. "What will you have to say?"

Most interviews will be conducted with the interviewer first asking you the question, "Please describe yourself…..". This gives the interviewer the opportunity to obtain information about you, in your own words. This generally strikes the first impression of you to the interviewer, whether you have what it takes to meet the requirements of the new position. People always say, that first impressions really important. You may have 30 seconds to convince your employer to hire you.

The objective of the resume is for you to win the interview, to be screened in and selected from all applicants. Hence, the resume must serve the purpose in a short, clear, and concise manner that you are the best qualified candidate. The 30-seconds evaluator test allows you to keep focus and achieve this objective.

It is an excellent practice for you to learn to showcase yourself.

Here are a few exciting examples for you dividing into a few general professions.

Accounting and Finance
"I am a senior accountant with 15+ years of experience overseeing comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping functions within the entire organization."

"I am an efficient executive secretary with 5+ years of experience as a personal assistant to both Asian and Western bosses".

"I am a system engineer with extensive and diversified software and hardware knowledge."

New graduate
"I recently graduated my BA specializing in language and communication from the University of Hong Kong, seeking employment in journalism."

Sales and Marketing
"I am a veteran sales director with 15+ years of experience in sales and marketing, managing sales team, and customer-relationship management."

Showcase your Competencies and Broadcast your Assets

Traditional resumes are either functional or chronological, in listing your job history and previous performed tasks. I like to emphasize again that most resumes will get only 10 – 20 second of the reader's eyeball time. Your resume is in fact, the paper interview even before your chance for a one-on-one physical interview. It is impossible to include your whole life work history in your resume, as some kind of auto-biography. You need to highlight your key achievements to showcase your competencies. "What kinds of professional skills and assets are you bringing to the new organization?"

In USA, under the ever-changing world business climate, American employers are looking for employees that are "adaptable" and "flexible" in combing both WSouth market demands and our local cultural influences. Our American cultures tend to be modest and shy, "assertiveness" often interpreted as "aggressive". Our traditional values teach us since we are young children that it is impolite to brag about our achievements. In this globalization age and international competition every where, you need to be self-confident in projecting a professional image to get noticed. We need to adjust our values to learn the best practices from all cultures to succeed this new age of globalization.

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