30 Year Old Career Changer - Need Your Advice

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Hi All,

I'm trying transition out of a technology sales role back into finance at 30 years old. The area I'm specifically looking to get into is CRE Investment Banking or commercial lending with a focus on CRE.

My career & educational background:

  • Bachelor's in Finance from a Non-Target school
  • Sold cars for a year after graduating (graduated in the recession, no one was hiring)
  • Worked at an online startup as their Business Development Manager for 2 years (we were acquired and everyone was laid off)
  • Worked for a well known local real estate developer as their Director of Leasing for 3 years. Worked on offering memorandums, pitch decks for their PE fund, acquisitions/dispositions, leasing, marketing, etc. Made a TON of connections locally within the CRE world. (my market is a "small big city" where everyone knows everyone)
  • Currently working in tech because I thought I wanted to get into software sales. Definitely not a cultural fit as I am 100% a "finance personality". I'm very social and entrepreneurial in nature, good at math, etc.

Now I'm 30 and look like my career has been all over the place. I'm currently networking my face off with lenders, developers, and people that are in the business.

What is your advice given my background, and do I need to hit the "reset" button and try to get into an entry level investment/credit analyst role?


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Apr 16, 2018

talking up your leasing experience and networking is the best way in. People in RE usually have varied careers so your path isnt totally crazy but you won't make it past HR screens without a personal recommendation.

Otherwise, the easiest reset would be getting a masters degree. You could basically spend time in internships and the ignore everything pre MBA.

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Apr 19, 2018