30 Yr Old-1st Yr MBA at T25 Semi Target- Seeking Realistic Opportunities

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I am seeking some thoughtful and constructive advice from you. I am a 30 year old 1st year MBA student at a T-25 school. They have minimal I.B. recruiting although they produce a few Quants from my school every year. (Big on Analytics & Quantitative Finance etc)
I didn't fully understand the vital significance of networking when I was an undergrad, and therefore never landed any summer analyst internships. It got harder from there. I did get a job in financial services, but it was in wealth management (unlicensed- provided support to Financial Advisors and Loan Officers). I put in a lot of time working on my resume, LinkedIn networking, and utilizing online learning during this period. I spent over 5  years and I realized that no matter how impressive my numbers were this wasn't going to help me transition to I.B. or even middle or back-office support roles. I studied economics and finance as an undergrad at a prestigious semi-target state school. Some alumni, and friends of mine who had roles at E.B firms were kind enough to submit a few referrals for me to some hiring managers, but nothing came of it.
I decided I needed to take really serious action if I wanted to get out of the bottomless pit I was in. B-School will help me network at the very least, and I have already spoken with some alumni who have been receptive. A few undergrads went to Goldman & JPM from my school, but the MBA program has stronger ties in consulting with Big 4 & MBB.
I'll get to it, I have always been interested in I.B. for more of a stepping stone than anything. I understand it's ridiculously foolish to have a fantasy about jumping into a buy-side role without relevant prior experience, but my long-term goal is to get into asset management or a hedge fund. I met a guy over the summer who works for Bridge Water, and he said I am making a great decision to go pursue my MBA, etc... and I should reach out to him about doing a summer internship for 2022. This was a kind gesture, and by the grace of God, it would be wonderful if that all pans out, however, I am realistic and I don't want to get my hopes up just because of 2 casual conversations we had. I am confident I am a much better fit for equity research than I.B., but I am unsure if that can help me achieve my post-B School ambitions of getting into A.M. or H.F.  Please provide your honest opinions. I look forward to reading your feedback.


Thanks Very Much!

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