33 Trillion ANNUAL Market Impact by 2025

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Hi. I run a startup in AI and robotics. We have a ridiculously good concept. I've gone on a local shark tank but the Silicon Valley vcs aren't really my speed.

I'm looking for maybe an elite boutique or private investor.

The key factor is an investor who can spot a major opportunity as in potentially trillion dollar and can be decisive based on solid Intel and a strong grasp of how important brand concept is rather than code.

(Think Mickey, Hello Kitty, Pokemon but better and applied to future robotics market and software/clothing line).

I'm frustrated. I seek a smart investment partner who can cut through bureaucracy and pull the trigger. And my capital requirements are miniscule compared to the upside.

I also have a major distaste for the HIVe minded liberals in tech. What I mean is I am looking for someone who is also politically savvy and can see new trends emerging as Google is facing a discrimination lawsuit for silencing conservative or center/right of center viewpoints.

I can explain more in private if this resonates. I'm from the bay area and in hostile territory for the ethics behind my business. And I find sometimes the mid west or east coast dudes arrived here for opportunity may be a better match.

But then there is overcoming the lack of personal connections meaning I am a stranger pitching an idea and not looking for all the formalities.

The essence of the deal is to accept that I am controversial and even been in jail because I want a tech company that can go for aerospace and possibly military sector which is impossible with a lukewarm personality and I was essentially forced to make a political statement to differentiate.

Accepting my negative PR from a left wing communist fag rag media outlet is part of the deal. I mean the right investor won't care and will understand the market dynamics and what is required to blast a dozen tech unicorns out of the water.

It is possible.

I look for the right combo of pure alignment mixed with someone I can trust at least just a very basic level of friendship that could form in a day or two.

Anyways I posted here because after my pitch at the sharks I met an investment banker at a bar and felt like if I have to take investment from anyone I'd probably prefer someone from outside the general Silicon Valley investor pool with a fresh viewpoint who doesn't know it all already.

My approach to the multi trillion dollar ai market is about 180 degrees the opposite of the mainstream and some experts in the field agree with my angle.

Feel free to pm me or ask any questions if these sectors are on your radar.

Any good advice on how to cut through the bs and find a passive investor willing to take a small risk with a tremendous upside is appreciated.

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Jan 30, 2018