3.5 GPA or Business minor?

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Hey everyone. I'm a senior majoring in Economics with a business minor and am finishing my last semester of undergrad. I won't be able to make an A in one of my business minor courses meaning my graduating GPA will be below a 3.5. However, if I drop the course (consequently dropping my minor), I will graduate with a 3.5. What do you all recommend I do?

Continue the course to end under a 3.50 GPA or drop the minor?

I really appreciate any advice, thank you.

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Sep 28, 2017

tbh I'd drop the minor

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Sep 28, 2017

I would personally get the 3.5, it will help a lot more since Econ is relatively close to business. If you were English or something it might make sense to focus on the minor, but even then I'm not sure. A 3.5 GPA is sort of the unofficial cut off for some grad school, some job apps etc.

Sep 28, 2017

Thank you guys - I had the same thoughts. And to clarify, I mean 3.5 as in receiving cum laude honors. If I kept the course, I would still have a 3.46~ which rounds up to 3.5 on my resume (in case this changes anything)

Sep 28, 2017