40-something PE Professional Moving Back to the US from Asia

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My background:
- Senior private equity professional, with ten years in the industry (and previously, was in management consulting)
- I worked those ten years with an India-based private equity firm. My focus was on investments, post-deal value creation, and fund raising. I completed a full deal cycle with the firm, with a good exit track record for my own deals.
- I chose to step away from the role partly because I have a mixed view of the firm's long term outlook, and partly because I'd like to live and work in the US again.
- I began my career in the US with a boutique management consulting firm (subsequently acquired by a mid-market firm), where I focused on strategy and PE advisory; I've done ~20 PE due diligences; I worked in consulting for close to a decade
- I have an undergrad and grad degree from a top-five US university
- I was born and raised in the US, am a citizen, and am authorized to work in the US
- I'm an expert in consumer and retail, and experienced in fin services and industrials (both deal and consulting experience)

My Questions:
- I assume given my age and the fact that my recent experience is outside the US, it may be difficult to find a PE role in the US - but I'd welcome your views.
- I assume I would be most attractive to US firms which are considering investing in India but don't have an India office yet - that seems like it may be a relatively small group - say 50 firms. But that's good enough a place to start. I'd appreciate suggestions on how to go about finding those firms - specialized recruiters, industry forums, etc.
- Likewise, would family offices or other LPs be interested in India? I'd appreciate suggestions on how to go about finding these as well
- Separately, how would consumer-oriented PE firms (without an India angle) look at my background? On the one hand, I have industry expertise; but on the other hand, it's dated.
- India-aside, how common is it for any PE professional over 40 (including those who've always been in the US) to move from one firm to another? My sense is that senior talent is typically home-grown, not hired.
- Last, would the due diligence practices of consulting firms be more open to my background?
Again, I appreciate your responses.

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Sep 5, 2018