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Women's Fashion: How To Wear Statement Sleeves For Your Upcoming Party

The cold weather is all about winter. The statement sleeves are one of the main trends in the winter season for many sports. Through wearing some of the best statement sleeves, you can break the monotonous style of clothing this season. Whether it's balloon sleeves or buttons, it's one of the easiest clothes to wear. This gives your outfit a realistic way of styling. Here's how to wear sleeves for winter parties.

  1. Bell Sleeves You can wear sleeves of statements, either short or long sleeves, as both of them have flares to the hem. Bell sleeves are ideal for managing a bulky look, helping to shorten wider shoulders. To fit the overall population, you should look for pencil skirts with bell sleeves.
  2. Bishop sleeves At the bottom this type of statement sleeves is more complete than at the top. They're narrowing down to the huff. For a bohemian look, this is the best women's wear. Bishop's sleeves are going well with a flowing jacket.
  3. Boxy sleeves Boxy sleeves allow you to look relaxed, they have loose sleeves that look like a box. When paired with mini skirts, boxy sleeves look best. Now you can go with utmost confidence to a winter party.
  4. Cap sleeves Never have Cap sleeves been out of style. They're really short in size and don't cover the whole neck. Cap sleeves help give a sleeveless look to your outfit. This winter season, opt for a maxi dress with cap sleeves.
  5. Kimono sleeves the sleeves of Kimono, the name itself suggests that they look like Japanese clothes. There is a broad sloping design of these statement sleeves. Kimono sleeves are helping to give your outfit a cape-type effect. This will also help you stabilize your upper body if you think it's too voluminous. So, this statement sleeves should be matched with well-fitted jeans.

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Jan 15, 2020