4th year non-target, missed the boat by a mile, what are my options?

In desperate need of some insight or advice..

Background: I'm approaching my 4.5th* year at a Canadian Non-Target uni (I will still take at least 1 full year to grad, 5.5 years in total, yes I dogged it in my freshman year). Below average GPA of 3.2/4.0. Additionally, I've been unsuccessfully applying and (and low effort) networking for internships since the beginning of 2020 and the pandemic. After a jobless summer, I studied for and recently completed the CFA Level I Exam and working through a modeling course in hopes that it would help round out my candidacy (and garbage GPA). The furthest I've gotten in my job search for this summer was a second round of interviews at a boutique PE shop, to which I was rejected. I felt very good about the interview but was also ghosted after I asked the interviewer for feedback in my thank you email.

Dilemma: To transfer universities or not? I have applied and been accepted to UBC. I would be entering UBC as a 3rd year, in turn, delaying my graduation, bringing my total undergrad to a grand total of 6.5 long years... 24 years old.. Pro's: Another (more focussed) serious shot at undergrad internships, Alumni network, Strong clubs geared towards finance etc. Con's: I feel like 6.5 years for an undergrad is going to look ridiculous on my resume (personally, I don't mind how long it takes as long as I get to where I want to be)

I am deeply afraid of finishing my undergrad without a decent internship under my belt and missing the boat. What are my options here? On the one hand, I can stay at my current uni and crackdown on rigorously networking and hope for the best. Or I can take a reset option, transfer and have more levers to pull and work my way to a strong internship. Another alternative that was brought to my attention was to stay the course and consider an MBA or MFin if necessary. 

Sorry for the lengthy post. All advice would be helpful as I am drowning in anxiety while making this decision.

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