B - School Extra Curricular's

Alright, MY SONS & DAUGHTERS. Hope y'all have been doing great and are excited for Summer finally so we all can double mask! that was a joke, lol but I need some help & advice

graduating and starting FT this summer at an AM firm and was looking ahead to B school. Besides a good GPA/gmat and good firm what are some EC's I should be doing to stand out from the crowd. 

For those that went to B school are thinking of applying, what should I do to beef up this side of my application. OBVIOUSLY, I will try to find stuff that goes along with my interests, but I feel like just volunteering at the local NYC non-profit isn't enough to get into an M7.

ANY advice would be dope regarding this topic, and if you all have any other questions regarding B school admissions, feel free to pop it on here.

Have a great day and week y'all

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