Investor Relations Compensation at Mega Funds "the dilemma"

Hello Chimps,

In terms of background top unis MSc (Oxbridge), good grades, good internships, very social, and inclined more to the nature of IR roles than acquisition roles even though I am capable of both. I am interested in knowing how big the disparity in compensation is as I weigh offers to understand the longer implications. The base salary seems to be somewhat similar but looking to understand the greater complexities such as (avg % bonus in various levels), carry or no carry etc..

I have looked over a wide variety of compensation reports and different WSO posts but still do not have an accurate enough answer I am convinced with. From what I know on average bonuses for real estate/PE investment professionals at big funds are around 80%,100%, 120%, 130% as you pass through different stages.

If anyone is in a current investor relations position at a Mega fund emphasis on the top PE firms (Carlyle, KKR, Blackstone, etc..) or has information on compensation and bonus % throughout Analyst Associate, VP, Principal, it would be greatly appreciated! -- I know things get a bit more grey as you move onto the more senior levels

Would greatly appreciate any insight!

Many thanks!

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