Morgan Stanley Experienced Professionals Global Capital Markets

Hi all. Just wondered if anyone has applied to this program? It looks like a very exciting opportunity to enter the IB space for people new to finance or those early into their career in finance and for underrepresented minorities. I went through the info session for the program yesterday, and am sold on it being a great way to accelerate my career. I have six years in the finance industry(primarily customer service) and am a minority applicant.

Has anyone else applied? Or if you've gone through another one of Morgan Stanley's Experienced Professionals Programs, how was that process? 

WSO Elite Modeling Package

  • 6 courses to mastery: Excel, Financial Statement, LBO, M&A, Valuation and DCF
  • Elite instructors from top BB investment banks and private equity megafunds
  • Includes Company DB + Video Library Access (1 year)

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Mar 24, 2021 - 3:20pm

its def competitive as fuck so make sure u nail the hirevue if u get it 

MS has one of the best GCM teams on the street and they prob will get hundreds of applicants for a handful of spots

also try network if u can to get more info and see if they can push ur resume

May 12, 2021 - 12:37pm

Applied, did the hirevue and was lucky to get into first round.

Had the 1st round last week so I'm just patiently waiting for any updates.

Nail-biting af

May 12, 2021 - 1:53pm

It was over a month I think.

I practically gave up and forgot about it and to my surprise the 1st round invite came along.

This is for GCM.

May 12, 2021 - 1:57pm

I'm happy for you! I did my Hirevue a month ago and have checked the site off and on. Emailed the GCM recruiter who said they were reviewing submissions and would be reaching out over the coming weeks. That was about two weeks ago. Have been putting other opportunities together in the meantime, although Morgan Stanley is definitely my dream company.

May 12, 2021 - 2:05pm

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