San Francisco Roommate Post

Moving down to SF in April/May, looking to find a roommate to find a place with or a room in a house to move into. A bit about me:

  • 22-year-old white male, went to a west coast state school, was in a fraternity (a real one, not a business frat)

  • Working for a non BB/EB investment bank, weekdays are tough but Saturdays are free and Sundays aren't that bad but consistent work. FWIW, more interested in Corp Dev/Strategic Finance than trying to break into PE/GE/VC

  • Run almost every day, watches NBA/NFL, cooking/travel shows, comedies

  • Somewhat -heavy left-leaning, I'd say I like Bernie but am definitely not a "Bernie bro" and had zero intentions of voting for Trump in 2016/2020

  • Drank all the time in college but I'm only a social drinker tbh. I like smoking weed but don't do it much cause of work. Personally, not a nicotine guy but would never complain if someone else did it near me

  • No dietary restrictions or relevant medical history. No pets either. 

Comment if you think you're in a similar spot and I'll PM you!

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