Want to buy: FT Partners Bonus 2020-2021 Bonus / Commemorative Coin

Hello everyone. I am a big collector of coins and I heard that this year's FTP Partners bonus was a very special Commemorative Coin over a cash bonus because well duh, the coin is worth SO much more than any bonus!! I am looking to buy it and add it to my coin collection. I understand how secretive FTP is so I will keep the transaction as anonymous as possible.  I will pay TOP TOP dollar, maybe even the size of a Wells Fargo bonus. And for the person who sent this, I took out the EXIF data and I am on a proxy so Mr. Jeff Wong, don't bother hiring a bunch of IT people trying to find out who is selling and buying.  Save that money on making next years coin even bigger and better!

FTP Coin

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Apr 11, 2021 - 10:17am

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