A career choice to make : Breaking into Venture Capital

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Hi everyone. I wanted to get some advice on offers I currently have from the perspective of breaking into Venture Capital. But before that a brief background:

  • Edtech entrepreneur (2+ years, eventually closed)
  • 3+ years of Product Management experience at two of the biggest e-commerce startups in India
  • Fixed Income quant trader
  • Top undergrad in India (IIT)

I currently have an admit from Cambridge MBA (Judge Business School). I know that's probably not a Tier 1 MBA, but I'm only looking at 1 year programs (I'm 30+) and Cambridge is very solid in tech, plus the brand works wonders in Asia. In any case, I have 10 months before the MBA and am looking to make a switch.

I currently have two offers:
1. Senior Product Manager at a unicorn ecommerce startup in India ( Salary: $170K in PPP terms)
2. India head of a Seed funded Chinese fintech startup that is expanding into India (Got this through a China based VC, who proposed that it would be a good idea to work with their portfolio company - before 'possibly
joining their VC firm post-MBA. Salary: $140K and 0.25% equity)

Please help me in evaluating these opportunities.


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Nov 5, 2018