Hello WSO,

Sorry for my English grammar. Not a native speaker.

This is my first post I ever made on WSO and I am excited to talk to you guys!
I have been interested in hedge fund since elementary school (I once saw the foreign exchange rate fluctuating at a bank that made me wonder why don't people make money from the fluctuating exchange rate until I learned Hedge Fund).

Right now, I am enrolled at Carleton College (a top 10 liberal arts college, but not a target for any hedge fund in any way) as a math major.
My goal is to work as a Quant at a Hedge Fund in the future.
Since there is no HF recruiting event at my school and my school career center does not offer much on HF, what should I do to start finding internship?
I have looked at the big HF website and on most of the websites, I couldn't find where to start applying for a quant intern in the summer of 2018.
One of my weakness is I only start taking CS class (Python) this term and JAVA next term, as I know CS knowledge is very needed as a quant. I am not sure I can even get a quant intern since I am not very experienced with programming.
If applying to a quant intern is not the option, what should I do in the summer of 2018 to increase my chance of getting a quant intern in the summer of 2019?
I basically don't know what to do and where to start to help me set up a quant career, but I am EAGER to do things to make it happen!

Thanks a lot!

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