Hi guys, please let me know which would be a better choice for a fresh analyst. Both are graduate programs and will have training programs in Amsterdam and London respectively. ABN S&T is based in HK and DB PWM is based in Singapore.

Please rank them based on the following
1) Compensation
2) Prestige
3) Working hours (shorter is good)
4) Door opening to greater things

Also, i'm not certain what PWM entails.. so if anyone would be kind enough to walk me through it, that would be great! Thanks!

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ABN S&T is better than DB PWM in all accounts (maybe comparable in terms of working hours). You definitely do not want to do PWM right now unless you are sure that this is a career you want to do long term. Although DB has a better name than ABN, and hence more prestigious overall as a firm, S&T offers more exit opportunities than PWM. Also, compensation is better in S&T than PWM - I would think that PWM has little bonus as a junior analyst, maybe at the Director level do you see some money coming in. But as a trader, you earn more anytime.

PWM basically means private banking - you manage the assets for really rich people (at least $1 million net worth and above). However, unlike being at the beck and call of corporate clients (that being investment bankers), you are at the beck and call of some tycoon which I think ain't that great.

Hope this helps.

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generally agreed with bullish except sales and traders are not at all at the 'beck and call' of ibankers


Hey guys! thanks for the replies! really helped me with my decision!

There is another concern, ABN AMRO seems to be struggling with them shredding lots of jobs in london and north america... and the probability of a take over doesn't seem to far away.. Is this something I should consider?

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