About to be fired! Would like any advice

Hello WSO,

I've relied on WSO for advice on career choices right when I graduated from college. WSO has been a useful source and I would like to thank everyone in advance. Unfortunately, as my title shows I'm in a bit of a bad situation. The circumstances that led me to this situation is nothing but my fault. But after my 4th job after college, which is now in corporate banking I will be fired after only 6 months with my employer. My previous background was in corporate finance and 2 product control roles, after leaving my 3rd job I wanted to try corporate banking which was a career interest of mine. I received an offer but after 6 months of poor performance I was informed that I will eventually be let go after a month most likely. So I was wondering if WSO could provide some answers for me.

1) For a corporate banking role that only lasted 6 months should I mention it on my resume when I apply for another job? Perhaps I should just say that during my 6 months I went on a vacation in the US (this is a stupid answer but may work perhaps)
2) If I should still include it on my resume how should I explain to employers why I am looking for a new job?
3) Are the historical job switches below also going to hurt me?
4) Any other advice would be appreciated

I graduated in 2013 from college had 1.5 years in corp finance, 1 year at product control at an i-bank, 2 years in PC at a hedge fund, and now 6 months in corp/commercial banking at a company that I will be fired from in about 1 month.