About to graduate, what kinds of jobs will give me a chance at getting into PE?

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Hello! I've searched around on these forums and it seems that getting a job in IB might (?) help my chances of getting into PE, but I'm struggling with figuring out what kinds of jobs I need to be looking at.

I go to CU Boulder and am getting my BA in Economics. I was hit with some shitty family issues throughout college and I let my GPA tank to a 3, but I'm persistent and will take a low end job to begin my path towards where I want to be. I have a friend that works at Goldman that is going to introduce me to a few people that he knows from different firms/boutiques and I've explained my goals to him, which is good, but I also need to poke around online. I'm not sure what kinds of specific job titles and firms I should be looking for AND that may give me the opportunity to secure an interview. For what it's worth, I'm willing to travel out of state to help my career.

I would really appreciate some guidance, thanks to everyone reading this!

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Sep 11, 2019

sounds like you already know the answer, look for investment banking analyst roles

Sep 14, 2019

Is that the only role that would work? I feel like I need to be more flexible because my gpa is not great and I don't have tons of relevant experience. Is there a job I could get before being and investment banking analyst to help myself get interview?

Sep 14, 2019

IB straight out of undergrad seems unrealistic with your GPA and school pedigree (I'm not hating I'm just telling it like it is - I come from a non-target too). My advice would be to look for stepping stone roles into IB or MBB consulting. Things like TAS at EY, Valuation Analyst at Duff & Phelps, KPMG Deals Advisory, etc. These are roles you can still recruit for and might have a shot at with some networking. Then work hard for 1-2 years and try to lateral into IB or MBB. I know a guy who did this for 1 year, then IB for 2 years and is now in PE. It's not the most direct route, but it can work if you hustle

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Sep 14, 2019