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Hi people,

Hope life is going well. I am currently studying BBA (freshman student) and seek advice. I took micro/macro economics and financial accounting. I enjoyed econ courses but think that somehow they are far from practical world and more theory related. In some specific cases like, FED rised interest rates, what are the implications type questions from macroeconomics seem practical knowledge. About the financial accounting we only covered debit/credit, balance sheet, P&L, and cash flow. The problem is that despite knowing how COGS is calculated, I don't know for what it is used. Or, for example I don't understand why is it useful to include operating profit, gross profit etc. in the statements. Basically, I cannot derive meaningful insights by looking at statements. About the finance, in my college the finance courses start at the end of sophomore year. Like for example, corporate finance course is at the 4th year of study which feels kinda late.

To sum up, I am considering learning all this things on my own by self-study. Can you advice me books, courses anyting which can help me to develop my finance, econ, accounting knowledge.

P.s. = I didn't even know what EBITDA abbreviation means until I found WSO.

P.s. = I need this knowledge for preparing for Management Consulting and Deals Advisory, Corporate finance, Suvereign Wealth Fund interviews.

Thanks for the help!

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