Acceleration for Tier 2 consulting preparation & getting in.

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After preparing for couple of months generally for consulting - case interviews, fit stories, numerical tests & math skills, cv & cover letter, I feel a bit stuck since I am doing it alone and do not have any feedback or interactive response on my activity.

Is there any ways to bring in vitality & interaction in consulting preparation process and to accelerate it?

Live Case prep?

I am considering to physically relocate myself to get into a best environment for consulting preparation where there would be possibilities to:
Networking & meeting firms in events
Meeting consultants from tier 2 consultancies
Case prep Clubs
Case prep Partners

**What would be a best place on earth to serve as a hub for getting into consulting? I believe tier 1 cities?

Ex. Europe: London, APAC: Singapore, etc?

Would money spent on physical first hand interaction would be better spent or should I find coach or mentor? Or do it simultaneously?

Thank you in advance for your opinions.

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Aug 31, 2018