Accelerator Program for Acquiring SaaS Companies

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Hey all,

I'm in the process of launching a course/future accelerator program to work with a select few MBA consultants make the switch to CEO through search and acquisition.

As much I appreciate the traditional search fund model, i felt that it limits the autonomy as an entrepreneur as to WHERE they can search, the size of the business, how to manage the company (ie. non-remote based), expensive cost of step-up (50%) and focused on many non-traditional businesses. With our extended portfolio, we want to train and work with bright entrepreneurs in every continent to acquire and grow their own 7-8 figure SaaS company, with our proven, more modern model.

We'd provide mentorship, support, tools, training, network and access to capital in order to improve the success rate and quality of business that our partners would acquire.

The main responses I hear from CEO's who've made the transition is they feel they now have more autonomy in their work, more freedom and full responsibility to grow a company as they see fit.

Would love others opinion on whether there's interest here, specifically for consultants who would be interested in this type of program and what they would like to see to make it more appealing to them in moving forward to a partnership.

If there's enough interest, i'll post a link the comment to start accepting pre-registrations.


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Feb 18, 2020