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Hey guys, i'm going to be starting Accenture in may as a new SI analyst. I was wondering, does the first year matter at all? I have heard lots of different things. Most are telling me your first year does not matter from a promotions standpoint as it happens in your second year. But does the first year performance come into play at all? Thanks!

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May 1, 2014

While I'm not at Accenture, I can offer some general guidance as an SI analyst at another firm (with many friends at Accenture): use your first year to lay the foundation of your network. Your network will likely play some perceivable role in your "trajectory" at Accenture.

From a promotions standpoint, your first year does not matter very much. Obviously you don't want to do terribly, as that would hit your reputation hard, but it is generally understood that your first year is about adjusting/learning.

Find a well-respected mentor early on who is a couple of levels above you to figure out what your first six months should look like, and utilize their guidance in order to set you up for success in your second year.

Enjoy Accenture

May 1, 2014

Echoing what Voco90 said above I would highly encourage you to work very very hard your first year on both client work and networking. Your first year still incredibly important despite not being in consideration for promotion. True you could slack off and come out just fine in the long run but you'd be much better off coming in hot your first year. I would argue that its somewhat analogous to your freshman year of college. Yes, you could spend the whole year drinking and barely passing and still graduate with a decent GPA but why make it harder than it has to be. Put in the effort initially and it will pay dividends later. Despite the fact that you won't be up for promotion you are trying to build a personal brand. By proving to your colleagues that you are a hard worker that consistently produces great client work you do a number of things.

1) You significantly raise your chances of being invited to work on better projects. High performing MDs, Senior Managers, and Managers what to work with high performing analysts and consultants. You make them look good and in exchange you get sexier work. (this categorically applies to all of Accenture's consulting service lines)

2) You have the potential to accelerate your career growth. True promotion occurs in regular manner but ultimately the various career stages occur in ranges not fixed points. (e.g. Holding all prior experience equal, some analysts progress to consultant in 2 vs 3 years, consultants to managers in 2 vs 3-4 years, etc.) Yes your start date does factor in but it still does render this point moot.

3) This point is somewhat related to the first point. If you were ever to decide to try to transfer into the MC practice you'd better be a killer performer and in networking successfully / getting staffed to sexier SI rolls you'll be more likely to have at least some interaction with MC folks who will be irreplaceable allies if you decide to transfer as you will need a sponsor (usually MD level). This might not really appeal to you but its worth mentioning.

4) Finally, performance bonus! Obviously its not going to be huge as an incoming analyst (potentially up to 10% of base but a realistic average is 4-6%) but if money doesn't incentivize you to work harder then why are you probably wouldn't be entering this industry.

In summary, I would argue that your first year as an analyst does matter and you should bust your ass because you will be very happy you did later. Good luck and congratulations!

May 2, 2014

Really like Accenture. Very kind people and warm culture

May 2, 2014

Thanks guys. Definitely helpful..=). So it sounds like if I do "ok" my first year, I'm looking at 3 years to progress? (lol..I'm not aiming for a bad rating or anything first year - just not sure I'll excel and get a good rating since I'll be compared to second year analysts? )

May 6, 2014