Accenture Strategy Manager Post MBA Salary

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Does anyone have nay insights on what the performance bonus for Accenture is after first year, I know according to management consulted it is 44k. However, that is only for a one time first year bonus. Is it like 12% of salary?

Also I was wondering what the base salary for a strategy manger would be given that 1st year out is 140-145k.

If anyone has some info please PM or reply!

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Jul 12, 2016

Most MBA employment records indicate salaries in the 125k-150k base salary range for this type of position. The 44k number you're seeing might include the signing bonus, probably a 25k signing bonus.

Jul 13, 2016

So I just saw a copy of the offer letter for 1st yr out from a friend. 140K was the base not including the signing bonus or performance bonus. I saw the strategy manager figures as well but 2-3 yrs out of b-school the 125-150K figures just don't make too much sense given the first yr figures.

Jul 13, 2016