Accept a job at a small boutique M&A firm?

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Hi everyone! So, here's my situation:
-recently graduated from a small college, 3.9 GPA
-Mathematics major, finance minor, Information Technology Minor
-ran a pretty successful ecommerce business while in undergrad
-other than that, some internships in smallish places. No big investment banks or anything on the resume

My best offer I received so far is an analyst position at a small boutique investment consulting firm. The pay is around 70k, and I would be getting alot of hands on experience in M&A, private equity, debt capital raises and financial restructuring assignments. Because of the small size it looks like I'd have more responsibility here than at bigger firms.

What do you guys think about this offer? Is it good market value for someone in my position? What are the exit Ops at jobs like these? I can see my career going in a bunch of different directions, and I'm trying to determine what kinds of paths will be open to me after taking this job.

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Feb 24, 2019