Accepted into target MSF/MMS, should I go?

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I've recently been accepted into an MSF / MMS at a target school (both undergrad and grad programs are targets). I was a liberal arts major so it's been hard trying to get finance-related roles. I'm currently a Financial Advisor at a Fortune 75 company. If I go, I will definitely get a better job than I have now. Most people go into Big 4 Valuations and Consulting, Corp Finance/Rotational programs, and few people get into IB. Getting a better job might lead to a better MBA down the line. But given the cost of an MBA, I would rather try to get into IB pre-MBA. I'll also get access to the alumni network and a rebranding since I went to a non-target (satellite/branch campus of a big 10). Tuition is going to be around 50k. No scholarships so will be taking out a loan.

My other options are to reapply to the school and other programs and get accepted early and try to get a Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer internship before I start the program (I applied late). I might even get a scholarship since I'm applying early. But I don't think I'm a competitive applicant (3.5 GPA, GRE just under 300 - didn't study) since I've been dinged at 2 schools twice. I can also try to get a Big 4 Valuation or Consulting / Corp Finance / Rotational job and try to lateral into banking later. Or I can continue to work as a Financial Advisor and then pursue an MBA down the line. What do you think?

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Jun 15, 2018