Accepted Offer, Received another shortly after paying $7k more


I received an accepted an offer from a small firm that helps advise other firms in capital structure. My job is going to be doing modelling, but also working with the clients in regards to advising on debt/equity issuance. Sounded good so I accepted it.

I received an interview with an aerospace company shortly after with a starting salary of $7k more through their financial analyst program. I haven't interviewed yet, but if I do receive an offer, is it worth reneging?

Ultimately my long term goal is to be working as a portfolio manager or equity research. I know the offer I accepted is more in line with my long term goals, but $7k is $7k. Is it too late to ask for more?(Yeah i know I fucked up).


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Aug 2, 2016

The only way you let the $7k dictate your decision here is if you're making $0k for the job in your first offer. Worrying over $7k is an insult to the dozens of people on here who sacrifice at least ~20k doing a small boutique job over a BB BO office job because it's more intellectually stimulating / what they actually want to do. Do whatever job gets you to your end goal the quickest.

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May 27, 2016

Dont count your eggs before they hatch. Regardless, in the long term the $7k means very little especially if that first position offers you the opportunity to eventually pursue your actual goals.

May 27, 2016

After taxes, 7k is what, 5kish? It sounds like a lot but trust me, it isn't. Take the role you want to actually do- if Corp finance, then perhaps take the areo company. If advisory/IB, keep the offer you have.

May 30, 2016