Accepted PM Summer internship - How to bring this up in an interview for a rotational grad scheme at a private bank!

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Hey all!

Firstly these forums have been a huge help in my job search, from CV layout to interview prep!!

I just received an offer for a summer internship at a relatively large asset manager (>PS300 Billion AUM) in their Multi-Asset portfolio management team. I'm a final year Physics student and have worked in Quant research for a year as part of my course.

I have an upcoming interview for a MM privately owned bank for their graduate scheme which is exceptional as I can rotate across IBD, S&T and AM! The scheme doesn't start till October (where my summer finishes in August). My question is how can I mention to the interviewer(s) that I will have a PM internship under my belt before I begin? I presume it would be worth bringing up!

Any insight would be great!