Acquisition finance & Structured lending analyst position at ING (largest dutch bank) VS. Deloitte M&A Traineeship

Dear all,

I've had two offerings for my first position, had an internship in a mid-market CF boutique and a mid-market PE firm in the Netherlands. I've graduated for two majors, one in Business law and one in Financial management. My ambition is to work in PE in 5 years from now. My technical skills from my commercial skills, feedback that I have been given was: or further develop your commercial strength's, or strengthen your weakness by having a 2-3 year "technical drilling session" at an investment bank. Second choice would be harder, but could transform me in a much better professional.

Which job opportunity will provide me with the best skillset to be an attractive hire for private equity? I think it is Acquisition finance, but I'm still in a little doubt, because maybe at Deloitte I could really strengthen my commercial and technical skills at the same time.

Hope someone could help me with this little dilemma!

I wan't to decide on monday.



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Apr 21, 2018 - 11:19am

Hey Thomas-Francken, I'm the WSO Monkey any of these help:

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  • More suggestions...

Or maybe the following pros can chime in... Jay-Shechtman Pegg Kengur

Fingers crossed that one of those helps you.

Apr 30, 2018 - 9:36am

Search LinkedIn, there is your awnser. More MM pe people from a lev Fin background, also Rabo for instance then from a Deloitte m&a team. Also, your technical skills Will also develop at ing and of course you can learn shit on your own ;)

Apr 30, 2018 - 10:37am

Have you met with both teams? I have the feeling people always underestimate the team. These people will (have to) become family, so if you didn't have a click with one of the teams don't go there.

As you already have done a PE internship, ask them what they think would be your best option. For technical skills I think you would be better at the bank. Also, if you want to stay in banking for 5 years before going into PE, you should have enough time to transfer within the bank to the M&A or LevFin team. I think the network at the bank is just better. But again, if you loved the Deloitte team and didn't like the ING team, go Deloitte. Perhaps you could become a consultant and I think a M&A Analyst + Consultant from Deloitte places well into PE.

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