Actuary to Equity Research?

Hi, everyone,

I graduated from college 3 years ago. I've been working as an actuarial consultant in the healthcare industry since then. I have recently started considering switching to equity research (healthcare sector). I am hoping to get some input from you guys about life in Equity Research.

I have 2 more actuary exams left, which should take me 12 - 18 months. I am 25 right now and by the time I finish the exams, my compensation will be around 110K-125K. I work 40-55 hours currently. The job is VERY flexible - I can work from home when I feel like it, take a day off without asking etc.

I would appreciate if you guys can give me an idea of hours and compensation for a first-year analyst, third-year analyst and a senior analyst.

Also, I sent my resume to many senior analysts and received extremely positive responses about my experience in healthcare. So it doesn't look like I'll have trouble securing interviews.

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Feb 23, 2013

This is based on current conditions and just what I've heard. These are BB ranges for inexperienced hires out of undergrad. I don't know what they will bring you in as. If you will be considered an experienced hire then

1st year compensation (as in first year out of undergrad) should be about 70-75k for base + 15-35k for bonus.
2nd year: 85-90k base + 20-40k bonus
3rd year: 100-105k base + 25-45k bonus (assuming you get promoted to associate)
4th year: 115-130k base + ??? bonus
5th year: 145k+ for base. No idea on bonuses, haven't heard anything

After that it starts to vary based on how your career progresses and it's not straight forward. You could pick up your own coverage, be promoted to VP, and be called an "Associate Analyst" or junior analyst. You could become a senior analyst but it's all based on the situation. Or you can stay an associate and your base salary tops out after 4-6 years.

At senior analyst level comp varies greatly and is based on things like sector, title, experience, etc. You can have maybe 1-3 star analysts making $1-3m all in each. Others can be senior analysts who are VPs and bring in 200-500k...I would say 400-500k is probably the range where most senior analysts land in terms of all in compensation.

Hours also vary by team/sector/analyst but for fucks sake do some fucking work of your own here, that shit has been discussed many times.

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Feb 23, 2013

Hours also vary by team/sector/analyst but for fucks sake do some fucking work of your own here, that shit has been discussed many times.


Feb 25, 2013

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